Something went wrong. For some reason, you end up in history. Time vortex must of had disturbances. You can waste some time with the dinosaur. Or you can try to reach the future». Finally, you can check out this yin-yang» set, help others get water», study some meteorites», fulfill honesty test one» or two», read more about climate change», or visit our gallery». In case your loosing direction, listen to some songs», while the compass can reveal some ways.


Welcome to the corner, in the North it is much colder. What happens to ice crystals, becomes water in short distance. It would be adviced to inform, in how it got so warm. Is it in cause of summer, or is it something other? What is this world going to do, when everything you want is melted too. Without the help of nature, we can not evolve much further. When will we understand, the importance of air, water & land? For these to be the elements, required for existance. For a healthy human course, which doesn't end like Dinosaurs. Washing is not a solution, for human made pollution. With parfumed shampoo, destroy is all we do. The innocence of nature, is what we should protect. Preventing the binary, as human intelect. It is not the old poop scratch, which causes tge IT crash. For honesty to hold, within tge virtal world. And human justice to be uphold.