Apartheid awaits When Disobey The God
All The God's request to Obey The Prophet
• Jesus, Brahman, Judah, Joanna & Muhammad •
The Prophet's require to have Respect for Life
All The Prophet's Have their Messengers
People On Earth, can Join in Prophecy
Into Dharma, or yet The Universe»
•  Harmonise Together  •
5 Magiers can Lead The Way
To Be Found Across The Globe
• Abbra Universum •
Religion The Universe
For United People

End War, Murder, Cleptocracy & Slavery. Praying Continues. Assigned By The God   Substituted Prophet
Democracy United Sins AD1945. Download Doc» Without The Law there were No Universe, Cycling Laws Of Symmetry. Some Writers, had Written for Their Lives. Law that can be bought, Has no Use. True Justice can Not Be Soled. Abraham had Counted knowledge, from Millions Of Stars. In The Cosmos, Money has No Value. Money cannot be compared with DNA. The Saracen's, Wizard's, Monk's & Priest's had Globalized The Sanctuary. Producing global Sar Alphabet. Point Down Triangle, in support Anti Conspiracy» & Nomenclature». Or Illegal Market of Human Seed. Preserving the Originals, Of Human Kind. Keeping two Feet Grounded, In dimension of Reality. When The Ring» is Broken, Earth will Follow. The Nose from Pinocchio, is Longer Then the Crow. One is A Puppet, The Other Deadly Lies. If Negative is Always, do Not Feed It more. A world of Monsoon, Is very Unstable. Keep Gravity at Point Zero: -1 •0• 1+. (neutral) When Out of Balance, It'll Fall. Jupiter Is the Desert, Observable by Telescope. Milkyway neighbor, Of grand Size. Spinning The Spiral of Fauna» & Flora». Here more Resources could Be Found. Forward Towards The Star named Sirius. Within Religion Of many People. General Health, Reducement of Cancer. Don't Blame The smoker of Cigarette. Diagramme» Pollution Rates: Cigarette 18%, Industrial Pollution 22%, Cargo Transportation 26%. Global Air Pollution 66%. ( 16% Overcast ) Co2 & Carbon14, 1,5° & rising. Health level max 2.5°c. 4°c Disaster Level. Weeds are Smoked Sins AD1460. Degration of self, very Few others. Political Dixxen & Types of Washing are by present, Prohibited By Law. Time has Past many Obstacles. Everyone has The Rights For Privacy & H2o. More Info» The Carless Month of the v19 pandemic, lowered level by 5,8%. Trafic made Rise, Within another 30 Days. ( spin 180° ) For Respect throughout The Houses Of Zodiac. Fullfil honesty Test One» & Two». SARS Procedure: No Robbery, Mask Accessibility. Corner Stone, Abatha Lilith: People are not Adult before Age 25. Calculation of Human Responsibility Through Evoluation. From Here on, People Take their Own Decisions. Count in The Miracle Kid's, that birth Through The Seasons». Justify By Region, 10 Sentinel's». Protection From Unwanted or underpayed Labor. Protecting Every Person. The Garden From AVA (Eva) For preservation of Fidelity. Money is Not The Source That Life Build. Every Individual, will Process certain Intellect. In Wanting to make Part, The Smallest Gesture(s) Satisfies. Make friendship by The Shake Of Hand. Avatar(s) on social Profiles. Every Individual, the Rights To Open Letter's. Feelings Of Love, written On Paper. Or Contents Of an (e)Mail. Krishna & Buddha do Not Mind. The Nile had Raised The Ankh», The Second Chance Of Christ. The Apple here, Is Not Poison. If Humanity wants to Reach new Planets, Murder needs to Be Eliminated. The Advantage in Holding Logic. For All To arrive at Destiny Safely. A World Without Logic, Is simply Insane. If 1 + 1 = 2, then 3 + 1 = 4, as 4 + 1 = 5. Mathematic Logical Gradient by 1. Attempt To Avoid more Hate over Money. XXIc. The Grand Transition. For Education, The victims from a Red Code. Or educate The advances, that brings a Green Code. Research sources: Leonardo Fruosino Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Merlin & Stone(h)Edge(s), Excalibur, Constantine, N. Tesla & A. Einstein, Henri Pointcaré, Cédric Villani, Euclide & Charlie Chaplin. Do not compress, Expand The Democratic options of Choice. Within The 1st Century by count Of Christ, The People had Known 300 Years, Without War. Times In Contribution for The King Of Cyrus». No Abuse Of Human Rights. How Many Times, Life will Be Catalysed. Before To Leave it, in Stable Condition. When Politics are Democratic, They Obey The Law. All Individuals, Deserve their Dignity. Upon the rights of Proper Property. When Migrating an Area, Adapt to it's Condition. Every Spirit, Has the Need Of Expression. If you Support Christianity, your Prophet Stands for Peace. In periods of Moïse, you should Not Eat Meat. If desired of Choice, Cycle on Friday's. 48 Friday's In one Year. The Light is Sacret, Decided by Christ». But for The Air, Pray For Zëus». Jesus is The Resurrection. In Modern Term Reanimation. Life Diplomacy, Prevent Corruption. Or more Poverty, By Seperation. 16:9 The Card», relation The Numbers Φ / π. Do Not Inflate Users, Before The 6th Positive. ( 100.000+ ) Give people a Chance, Of stable Saving. No Profile is Set Appart. Connect Laws Of Peace By All Area's. International law by Path Of Democracy. Only God's were Ment To Apply Apartheid. Even here, Only The Experienced, Allowed to Glimpse. Sanctions» were Written in The Past. Sir, Sire, Your Majesty & Heighness. Fortunate Times Rest, For Her Altesse. In Memorial the names: Daens, Mandela, Ghandi, Teresa & Franklin. Roaming The Speech Of M. Luther King. Dreams that Were Broken, need to Be Repaired. Soul's to be In Peace, while Traveling through The Universe. By Laws Of Space & Time. Many who Believe, will Follow the Light. Choosing The Sun, Or the Star. Time Calculates from present day, +/- another 11700 Years to evaluate, Before The Sun makes Supernova. Astronomy will Cause Major Changes Of The Galaxy. Prediction The Return of Papyrus». Keep eyes on The Full Moon Night counter. Human Kind will Reincarnate Onto Other Planets. For Faith In Democracy: Efcharisto Hecataeus. For Gratitude In Law: Efcharisto Zëus. For The knowledge of Time: Gratias Tibi Christus. Universum Re-Ligare. BE10 Commandments»

Being against Apartheid is the right of every person. The Berlin Wall was removed for a reason. For instructions of Hate, The Apartheid will Guide. Believer & Defender of The Laws Of Democracy. Not only for some, but every living being. Which is the century, they will end the torture. So Many have Suffered, Where Is them Conscious. Enough room Too Share, surface the planet. Too Much light, will Hide The Stars. At evening Time, They make Return. Swords that Merge Demons From the Underworld. The Axis Cross No Longer. Span to Open Road. Leave People their Liberty, The Law Had been Written. Darlin, absolutely Fabulous. This is The Line Of Difference. ( see Line 1») Mi Enfin Pas payé, ah bon. Ra-Ta Feest Champetter, totally Lazarus. In Paper House, Through the Winter. Tartan was Excellent Priest. Jubilee years: 2025, 2033, 3000, 6000, 8033* & 90(33). If this last will still be Possible. Count Moon Cycles & Sirius Angle's. The Sun Decides The Hour. 55 Years, Cycling The Eclipse. Perrin» had Justified, No War. Euroshima, tu Boude. T'a quelle age? Tu Tourne sur Mensonges. C'est Catechesis, et Pas Catalyst. Tu plane comme Aladdin. Have Respect for one & other. Castigation will be Sanctioned, Deffence is a Logic Reaction. Read a book, but Not Just Any. Sigue Sputnik, Das Boat, Jack & The Beanstalk, The Big Ben(g) Theory, John 5, The Abyss, The Maya's, God Smitse, Enigma Of The Universe, Misteries Of Stonehenge. Evangelis Of An Ordinary Man. Verify Closet Repo. Basalt, The Stones of Satisfaction. Waste more Time. Une femme invisible, by Nathalie Piégay. Or The 3 Little Mice, by Agatha Christie. What's the time? Time 2 Il-y-a-pas. The Accurate day Century number Is 21. Intro-duc-tion, Tourner les pages.

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The 3 Magical Words:
Thanks, Pardon & Please.

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