Time vortex had disturbances, you end up in history. Please review actions for democracy bellow:

1200 BC Asia present themselves by Dragons & Wariors. Some are Terrestrial, Some are Cosmic. Each Tribe has a unique Dragon, with it's qualities & recognitions. The Positive ( white ) Dragon & The Negative ( black ) Dragon, create Yin Yang. Mythes show that Dragons Control The Weather. For each type of weather, a Dragon. While The Yaksha Protects The Forest, the most magnificent buildings are growing Metropolis. Within The Borders Of 10 Kingdoms, Dragons fly for many years through-out Dynasties. As Cambodia counted 8 day weeks. If this returns, the 8th day get's The Star. ( Sirius ) 5 Of these days, have an Electric charge. As only exemple, next to 7 day weeks by others, this model got removed.

800 BC The land which is called The Americas ( North & South ), discoveted by The Parahyba, 2000 Years, Before Columbus. Habitat for Inca's, Maya's, Eskimo's & Indian's. The Inca population travels with The Sun, from temple to temple. While they leave traces for their God Viracocha, who made The Sun, The Moon as The Whole Galaxy. The Temple Of Tiahuanaco Leaves many Misteries, while it was already becoming a ruin in this time. Quetzalcoatl The High Priest who lived Close To The God's, had Forbidden Sacrifice & War, to Maintain Peaceful Relations Upon the Mortals. Maya's Believed in Justified Endings. As their God's Itzamna & Hunab Ku Thought them Good & Bad, which made conclusion that Too Much Power Leads To Corruption. Corruption Leads To War. The Sun apears on pottery and other tools & materials, that Maya's & Inca's used through-out their daily tasks.

400 BC The Unicorn was found by Historian Ctesias. Claming the animal travels The Woods of India & China. The Hors With Single Corn, can Only be Mounted By The Virgin. A Vast White Stallion, that Myhted to Art in AD1400. Becoming The Symbol, for a City In Ireland. The single Corn, can Also be Found, on head of The Goat.

250 BC The nose is made for smelling, if it generates bubbles, you might want to keep it clean. This practice, allows to breath the Air Of Atlantis. While Pyramids were first ment to be circles, with an inside as a spiral. "The Spiral Of Life". Finally end up a combination of Square & Triangle. Because the architect's got hooked, by art of making straight lines. While The Dog named Anubis», sniffles through The Labyrinth Of The Pyramid's. Only an idiot, pees against Sacret Monument's & Temples. ( to be taken serious ) Keeping Five Fingers Of Justice, towards Honesty In Practice. In mission of surviving The Tunnels Of Sacrifice. Garded by Mediterranean Faqir's & Magicians. By advanced Mathematics & Astronomy, the deliverence of π.

195 BC By ways of communication, The Druides Of Wessex create by honor from The Formule in π, a monument that calculates the sky. Within time, this reveals The Eclipse. By symmetry between The Sun & The Moon. ( +- 55 years ) It is called The Monument Of Stonehenge, which is located in England. The importance Of Correct Historic Knowledges. 5 Magiërs had Finished their Prophecy. 3 Made it in Time, Towards the date of The Jubilee. The Saracen» Shaped The Menhir's. ( Obelisk )

AD 150 The Official time where Sirius, known as The Brightest Star Of The Sky, is Catalogued. During AD1894. A German Astronomer Discovered this bright Star actually Has a Smaller Sister. Catalogued as Sirius A&B, Two Fire Balls ( Sun ) Spinning in Dense Orbit around each-other. Making it a clear Vision To the Human Eye. The Location Of Sirius, Is in small distance Outside The Milky Way Galaxy.

AD 326 The Emperor of Constantine Recognizes Churches as Holy Ground. ( Empire» ) In Recognition that Resurrection will be Sacret Towards Mortals. The Cross Of Life in Roman territory, will Be Protected as garded By The Holyness Of The Church. The appearance of 777 were to be found, in Symbol For Grace To The God's. It was Decided, Breaking Laws Of Sanctuary Is followed by Sanctionary. Examples are: Incest, Pedophilly, Murder, Mafia, Voodoo, Terrorism, Torture, Slavery, Ecocide, Genocide & War. These are Legal Crimes, as to be Strictly Impolitic, Forbidden By Law, "The Lands Shall Be Protected". Points of recognition & principal By The Cross Are: 1. Loyalty 2. Mercy 3. Compassion 4. Solidarity.

AD 700 The Tang Dynastie causes The Rise Of Buddha on a world scale. The Message of Peace that was caused by The Horizon Of Christ, is being extended by Overwelming Love from Buddhaïsm & Taoïsm. Priest's & Monk's, join hands in mission for a more respected civilisation. Temples are stricking Light at Mauntain Top's. Magic is Cooking unreplacable Balance For Grace.

AD 1021 Within functionality of life, understanding it's necessities. By the example from The Wild, even The Wolf supports siblings by another. In reason, why civilisation should remain appreciative to the composition of the wild. In construction of a social environment, in support for all creatures & Grace For Creation. By progress from The Ainu Religion ( Re-Ligare ), that shows "No Traces Of Darkness" or madness. Just As The Indians, Ainu's ( Himalaya 2800 BC ) Represented themselves by Animals. The most common are Elephant, Bear & Wolf. Love & Family are Symbol Of Rich Alluvium. For preservation in Emotion Or Intimacy, The Kiss Will Remain Sacret throughout evolution. Be Aware, because The Wolf that Doesn't Share, is likely A Predator. The Capitoline Wolf»

AD 1503 Leonard Fruosino Da Vinci, born Toscane Italie, finishes his painting named The Mona Lisa. This painting from The Renaissance, became a world wide Master Piece, which in time can be admired in The Capital Of France. Leonardo Da Vinci was an Artist, Humanist, Physicist & Engineer. By his Devotion For Religion, the Master Remained Vegitarien. Another known Heritage To Christianity, is The Da Vinci Code, which can Be a very Good Read.

AD 1815  Humphry Davy invented The First Lamp. This British chemist & inventor who invented The Davy Lamp and a very early form of arc lamp. He was born on 17 December 1778, Cornwall UK. Davy was a Baronet, President of the Royal Society, Member of The Royal Irish Academy, Fellow of The Geological Society. A specialist of metal's & electricity. He had established at Bristol a 'Pneumatic Institution' for Chemistry.

AD 1887 With gratitude for The Queens named Victoria. For continuation in health of Sanctuary as Fauna & Flora. Which is the place, that begins by M and ends by A, that has these Four Recognitions: 1. Small 2. Island 3. Temple Builders ( Inca's ) 4. No weapons.

AD 1895 The first Hydro-Electric Power Plant built by Nikola Tesla» & George Westinghouse is functional. This Power Plant started to electrify South Canada & Northern America. Goat Island is located between The Two Waterfalls Of Niagra. Which sinse this time, creates Ton's Of Power, for many homes & families. This monument was made a gift on behalf of Yugoslavia & Serbia ( Balkan EU ) to the United States in 1976. Electronic Times Make Great Progress. A moment for Wine & Cheese.

AD 1935 Brussels International Expo opens doors too The Public. The monument named The Atomium rises above 5 countries of exposior. 25 Countries finally participate to an Art Nouveau event of World Class. The Form Of Atome, that comes in Natural & Nuclear Particles. This first is found in All Creation. This area is on present time, used for Expositional, Cultural & Touristic Purposses. As it also contains The National Olympic Stadium. Other Belgian talents, are Chocolat, Wafels & Beer.

AD 1948 By Colonisation, part's of Africa were Invaded By White Men. Agressive & Unhuman events took place, that have disturbed The Peace within the African Communities. A Phenomena Called Apartheid is spread over the lands by An Imitator Of Sacret Litterature. ( Bible copy ) Many local's rebbel against it, in attention to protect their lands & family. The Left Fist vs The Cataclist. Somewhat later, The United Nations decide to "Globaly Prohibit" this cruel activity, which devides population, is a danger for Sacret Institutes and has truly "Past It's Time".

AD 1989 UFO's are spotted all over The Planet. Strange Triangular Vessels apear, which disapear by The Flash Of A Second. If experiencing these enclosures, you might want to Verify Time. What might feel like a second, might of been a minute, hour, or even days. Later, the shape that resembles to a Morley Formule called Gnomon ( Sinus 36, 108, 36 ), got named The Black Triangle. As these visits seem to be passive, for resources & curiosity. The question could be: will they return after 100, 112, 120, 1000 or 6000 years?

AD 1999 People are getting ready for The Millenium Bridge. Panic is upon some, in cause of a conspiracy about explosion of Cumputer ware. Something might go wrong with your computer on New Year's ev' 2000. Many computer owners here for spend out, buying new computers after the 2000 passage to make shore to be up-to-date. The Market is doing just great in economical purposes, Microsoft is making debute with it's latest Windows Operating System. Modern age's are in progress.

Your era is having Global Warming» isseus. You can update climate data by selecting following titles: UN Climate News», Jurassic Development», Plastic Pollution» & Arctic Ice». Study Meteorites», in cause of Astrology». Fulfill honesty test One» & Two». Read about The Bible», Unicef», Access Now», WWF Living Planet», African Wildlife», Sea Shepherd» or The Venus Project». And find out what E²» can do for you.

E = mc²» comes to an end. But TL = mc²» is infinite ( ) in Key Of Recycling Energy. In Formule to extend, not compress. More» Avoid a list, as it comes to an end as E. Use Physic's» to overcome miseducation, Carbon-14 Needs some Attention. Fossils cause land Mineral exaustion. The United Nations keep Conferences» scheduled. In rotation as The Orbit» of The Moon». Allong it's pressure towards water Tides»( Moïse ) Learn that Life is Made by Nature parts. Seanons effect Of Symmetry. When The Moon Change Course, So does The Sky. Let the Mind use Gratitude» & Unity». The Truth Is Not A Secret, but necessity, "Truth Is My Speech". Before Judging another. Be In Knowledge Of The Cause, That Generated Judgement". Specially If there is No Evidence. As Target for Resolving of The Problem. The opinion Global Pollution1 Is a Joke, note That Is a 2Big Mistake. If hate, lies & greed are ingrediënt of War». In need for Justice, use The Hand Of The Law. By Laws Of Sanctionary, "Protect The Sanctuary". End Seperation, with all it's cruelty. By The Goat» or The Serpent». There is no excuse for seperation at birth. Might it be time, to Use The Sword, to End this source of Human Crime(s). ( Artifact Exemples: Excalibur», Katana», Durendal», Bilbo(a)» ( Biscayenne ) & Tiger of Mysore» ) Some hold The Cross, as a Totem. Preventing for more blood to spill over The Horns». Democracy has No room, for Dark Lord Prophecies. One Can Make Prayers, but Rituals That Sacrifice, were Forbidden By Law, a Long Time Ago. Notice why Judah, Muhammad & Jesus, at certain time, Had Something In Common. "Visit Temples In Gratitude". Giving reason to Deir el-Medineh», which on it's own, is Located in Egypte. In Representation, for "Pro Life Prophecy". By the help of these lands, with Forces From The Sky. "Life Was Given A Second Chance". Be Aware by The Goat, That Stand on Two Feet. God's Don't Sacrifice own Kind. If the goat Stands Straight, Avoid The Eyes. If they Are Red, Start to Run. If Bee's Have Red Eyes, it's a Stick With Pepper. If chances are Poor, for a Push of Luck, use a Pitch of Clover Four». If you prefere Indie, use the Knowledge of Ganesha». Or when you Search for Balance, Buddha» can help you. A good Massage, Covers The East, exactly the way, As The West. "Neutral Alcali(ne)" Which affects The Muscles, by A Stable Hand. The practices of Falun Gong Dafa» avoid Negative Energy, that kind Is Depressing. Meditation Is a Cure For Stress & Spirit. ( Chakra» ) Remember the Importance Of Forgiveness, as No On Is Made Perfect. Nr. 100» Where Catholic's Live, you will Find The Church. And Rules that apply, Within the Borders. 0 & 1 Are receipt of Binary. In logic follows 2 & 3. ( Light Is Energy ) 4 Becomes a pack or mass, 5 Is the Final Element, No need for Tabou in that:

1. Earth» 2. Wind (air)» 3. Water» 4. Light (fire)» 5. Electricity»

Life Is Not A Competition, but an Experience of Natural Ingrediënce In Unique Combination. In solution of over-population, disable 5+ resurrection, as artificial or cloned reproduction. Give a Female a Choice, If it comes to Abortion. Stop the Punishment Of Activism for all ages. With possibility of Manifestation, Maintain Honesty in expression. Conspiracies come with a Plot, Only a Liar will Tell you It's Not. And Reality is Not a TV Show, so Prevent using The Crow. The Pie» Has all The Charms. People in cities Are Not an Attraction. And If Nothing Is ever good Enough, just Stop Trying. Sports Are Efficient, but could respect population. If work makes you suffer, don't let it reach a burn. A man in costume, always wants something in return. A real City Traveler, Takes pause on an Escalator, The Right hand Side. So those In a Hury, are able To Passe. And a Democratic conductor leaves the road open, for another Pilot in act of Conduction. ( Elegancy ) Do not forget, The City Is Foot Priority, followed by The Step ( Trottinette ), Bike & Vehicles. In Attention the Need of Ecology, by Means of Civil Safety. If Anything is wrong, Avoid Fake Pitty. As this will Lead To even more Misery. Abusing Children, Is strictly Perversity. So is reproduction, within the family. By modern times, Prohibit» By Law, in cause of Decency & Variant Of Human Kind. "Abatha Lilith" By Respect For Life, Euthanasie can Only be applied After Age 80. Or by Extreme Sickness1, of 2Permanent Source. By improvement of Global Biosphere, Food's & Hygienic's, expending is possible, "For All The People". In terms of Nationalism», Anarchism» is caused by Extremism». The Coasy Left, Parallels Global Right(s), Competetive in Keeping Law In Center. Spinning Energy from Earth Core». Automated + & -, Magnetism At Meridian Lines. Papyrus» had Destroyed all Houses. Only The Mud Homes were Excluded & Saved. Years keep Counting. Can The Fish Have "Time To Breath". In Difference with Marxisme & Feminisme, Anarchisme Keeps Equale Sides. If Male can Have it, So Can Female. Spin 180°, No Discrimination between Sexes. A creative person, searches Education. In Desire To Improve it's Construction. Accusing without knowledge, is a major fail. As a persons Privacy» is not for sale. A grumpy Temper Needs some Rest, this is why it's important, to Let People Sleep. Within the ways of common Logic, that could use some Attention. In resolving certain tensions, We all Have Intuition. If there is Enough Intelligence, there is No Need For Violence. For optimal Finesse, let Nature Guide your Senses. If Nothing ever Changes, review those who Arrange It. As a Bank is Bound, To Protect it's Clients. And a Moral person would Understand, A Client Is Service, Not a Property to detaine. If it's not yours, leave it to the owner. Do Not Trust an organisation, that generates Seperation». ( Apartheid» Crime Against Humanity ) It encourages Suicide By Cleptocratic behaviours. Aswel as Torture, Cataplasm ( Intoxication ), Slavery, Abuse, Sabotage & Suppression. ( yes this much ) On High range Traffic, has Genocide» as Conclusion. ( view Documentary» ) For a world in Expantion Of Evolution. This Dominative behaviour of Cruel Kind, Will Not Help Civilising. Apartheid Is not Open, it is The Opposite. ( Contra / Negative ) For time in Modernisation, it's adviced to Charge a Positive. In solution of Solidary suroundings, With Punctuallity. The Vladimir is Equal to The Baron. So does The Sultan, or The Yuan. The Layer of The Congress Men & Woman. Stop Infiltration, with seperate result. In general Goal, to reach World Peace. In Opposition of Hooliganism, Vandalism & Racism, Avoid People That Burn Crosses, Within Political Circles. People who Travel, have the right For an ID. Recycled after use, besides if it were payed. A Born National, Within a Family Tree. Your IDcard should Be handed over Free. Giant Account Master, Inflate •1,3•. Seperation of Exception, "Canceled". Contribution on interest Shudling. Activating after The 6th Digit, of Positive Five. ( 500.000,00 ) Magical Nr's Sins many Age's, Sharing fund in Capitol. 9th Digit equals •1.6•. In goal for preparation of Enforcement For Climate Resolution. School, Library, Medical & Social departments. No One can Be Refused for Administration. Democracy & Respect For Population. From The Capital, through Out The Borders. By application Human Rights, Everyone should Be Registred. Resetting individuals, Must Be made Impossible. Have Grace For Life. Everyone has Believe, for Prophecy in favor For Humanity. No one needs to Pray To Stay, It would Be Automated. A Pharaon ones Said, "Do Not Seperate The Spirit From The Hand". For evolution in Progress & Service. Or the less to Simply Open a Letter. ( Safe Reception ) For times in Ending War, the Advantage to stay Together. Children must Have Rights, to Know their Mother & Father. In favor of The Familly, "Hold On To Fidelity". The High Fidelity, brings The Most Quality. A Healthy Mind don't need medication, Eucalyptus» is used to Free The Spirit. And Capsicum» brings back The Heat. ( Spicy Dragon Fruit ) Controling people too long, is bound to make them angry. The Scarabaeidae comes In Different Forms, some of them Make Labeled Coffee. The One With Legend, Belongs Within The Pyramid. Used as The Form, For Resurrection. By time in Ages, Medical Circles will Name "The Reanimator". As Every Individual desires It's own Liberty. Time continues By Seconds, as Civilised Ages Passe History. In Construction to correct Error's & Admit from A Mistake. If anything had Gone Wrong, the desire to Improve. Not just Temporary, but Contribute "The Long Term". Only Vampires, are Afraid Of The Sun. Light Grows plants, that sound like Magic, "Tarragon Artemisia Dracunculus". The Turtle is able, to Reach 150. The Law Is there, to be Respected.

The past ended German Policies», to make way for Greek Philosophies». ( Demo & Kratia ) Knowing the difference between Policie & Procedure. A battle for a language, dispurts the possibilities. Stabilise economy without classes of differences. Richess Offer forces by Nature, But Money is Not the Source that Life build. Which Makes that Killing For Economy, Territory Or Jalousie. Within The Law Of Sanctuary, will Equalize Murder. Passing on from Promitive & Prehistoric, To Ages As Modern, or else The Future. In Terms of Humanist(e), Naturialist(e) or Ecologist(e). A Good Soul Isn't For Sale, at the super-market. The more Money, The more Dept. Life comes not by Envelope, but some Letters are Pleasant To Have. Receive those, Other then Payements. Falling In Love, simply Has No Value. A decent Love Letter, ends With a Kiss. Supercherie & Pika Pika, are Better Then Superflu. ( Bless You ) True Love Shares, it doesn't steal. Don't Use Others as an object, In logic of Friendship, these Will Cause Regret. Blaming Innocence, over False Objections, is refusing in option, To Solve The Problem. Next Gen find Answers on Facebook». Be Truthfull To Those, Who Serve You Good, don't spread misery throughout the world. Legacy Of Royalty, but no one cares about it. In days of Modern Times, where People Loose their Logic. They were Told "Too Much People On The Planet". -AD2020- The Covid19 Pandemic Cost 8 Million Lives. Boarding The Three Queens: Esther, Eliz(s)abet(h) & Victoria ( Full House, Corridor Falstaff "Up The Corner", Check-Mate, 1st move G1/H3 ) The Win Me Lady. Nine Years left To Tacle, Clean up after Victory. A Country Without Citadelle ( Capital ) Is considered as Broken. Keeping all Eyes On Security. Making end of experiments & conspiracies. Which causes corruption of originals. For foundation in Progression, for Honesty In Juctice. Or Respect in practice, Towards The Judges». As Intelligence knows it's Not Propriet, To Judge Without Experience of act & character. If there is Love & Emotion Within the act of Justice, Everyone would Have a Home And a Partner. If everyone would be Devoted To The Law, their would be No Abuse Or War. If Justice can Not be Trusted, the Area Is Corrupted. Do Not honor The Pigeon, Hônor The Dove». By Perspective, keeping The Foot On The Ground Judy» ( Judée ) was made The Law Of Human Emotion & "Evolution In Peace". -AD360-Alexandrie» flies over Europe to The Antilles. The Bahamas & Arizona. And from Egypte to Morocco. Past The King Of Cyrus», into The Mountains Of India. "All Around The World". Boomerang Charity. Breaking Law's Of Sanctuary, Within borders of Christianity, Is to be Unethical, in grace for the absurd. As long Money Interfers a Judgement, Justice Cannot Be served. If installing Fear into The Community, with all Regret, What have You to Hide? A Reminder that "The World Is Build For Everyone Combined". Grand Unity ( Nr.2 & Isaïah 34:16 ) If you Want Others to "Follow The Rules", First Follow them Yourself. In Parallel direction, it Doesn't Make any Sense. Every Culture has expression. If Politic's Obligate citizens, within The Borders Of Democracy. It cannot be Justified1, as there is No more 2Choice. Which can only happen, after certain crimes. Dictatorship is State Of Absolute Politic. The Democratic Mind, is adviced to Lean, Laws Of Democracy. For stability, the Law should Protect Neutrality. Democracy will fall, If this is Corrupted. For Global Democracy, The Law Stands Above. Corner Stone AD2033, Inter Law Prophecy. Preventing more Hate over Money. Ending Poverty in connection With Slavery. The + & -, that Spin The Seconds. In foundation of stability, between Revolution & War. The More you Believe, The More there is Gratitude. In difference with just knowing the Numbers. Hold on to The Dream, that blows Through The Tree». Hold it Thight, Don't loose Control. Breath in & out, on Infinite repeat. Days Are passing, they Wanted To Stay. The Birds would Have Their Place To Sit. For Equality, The Supreme shall Be "In Hands Of Faith". Ralming Speeches by Martin Luther King. Voices of Liberty For The People. Another Voice by Charlie Chaplin. Or Travel the Desert With Jim Morison. Voices Become Animation. PapaRazzi on Mission. Invasion Of Privacy, shaving heads. Calimero is The Bravest of Little. If the Negative is Always, Generate Positives. Stabelise Grace by helping others. Natural & Human Gratitude, is wise to have. Looking is Free, touching Requires Comprehension. Which Brings us to the Art of asking a question. This itself Is bounded, to Respecting a decision. In attention, to Keep Responsibility. As Flowers are Inspired by Creature Respirations. The Prayer Motivates Cultivity, Furnishing general Allimentary. The Lands to Remain Rich on Ingrediënts, for All Children to Continue The Future. Don't Judge the Differences, between Male & Female. Within The Spirit, They are The Same. Give each the Rights & Possibilities, In Abstain, Vaste, Nuon, Sabbath & Veganity. Find out more in One», Two», Three» & Four». In Symbol for rejection of meat. Or Respect for What Life Has Given in need. If their is No Sin, Leave everyone it's Freedom».

The pipe of an engine, still smokes more then cigarette consumption. Give tabac a place, where consumption don't bother. Being aware a natural cigarette, smokes 3 times less then the electric. If Politics really wanted to End The Cigarette, No more Electric's would Make Market. Tabac industry infects 17% of users, 5% to others. Globally + - 60% experience exposion. Which is the source, that is causing more Cancer»? Benefits of Ginger», Oil» or plane Water ( in case of skin ) are defence for drugs & Chemotherapy». Wouldn't it be wise, to solve this Chemistry? And sad incouragement, towards more poverty. If Fridays are Sacret, don't cover them in darkness. Excuses are made, to distract The Minds. Time is ticking, Arctic Ice is melting, Iceberg's float into the Sea. While Prophane is released regularly. ( Enema ) To gain a clean & safe transition, towards traffic & globalisation. Rules could be applied in acceptence, for cleaner traffic guidence. Not only on solid ground, but complete range of conductance. Don't point a guilt finger towards the community. As many feel positivity, to live in unity. If Porgy & Bess» weren't singers, music would not be as perfect. Or if New York had no Yellow Cab's, Jimi Hendix had made Sidewalk Traffic». This is a sign, of being Only Human». In reason of honesty, most burdon's of Consumption», come straight out of industry. In key for responsibility, the XXI» century shouldn't have slavery. PC stands for Personal Computer, not for Public Library. An Intelligent person, Doesn't Struggle over Ego. Replace the Negligent mind With Litterature» & Poetry». Positive Guidance shows people Discipline & Comprehensivity. But causing The Opposite, Brings Rebellion activity. ( Genesis 1 ) These are The Ways Of Plus & Minus, which is found By Electricity», within Water» guidances. The Ankh», raised by The Nile», keeping an Equalised Elementary Balance. The Human Body contains +-80% of Water. By Respect & Grace Towards All Elements, gain a clean consumption.

A clean Biosphere» helps preventing the Plague's» of Armageddon». As The Eye» Protects Life Of Present Days. Spread The Message Of Honesty & Truth, by help of Sane Believe within you. Good believe has no control, let it use imagination. In acceptance that "All Lives Have A Dream In Fulfillment". Avoid making a sequel, everything is original. Modern Culture comes straight out of Tribal. If They are Not Racist, Do Not Force them. When you Don't Want Children, make Use of Condoms. And if Life is all that Matters, Give Opportunities to the others. If The Serpent overwhelms you, just let it know: "it's fine". It will not start any action, if their is no reason. Just advice to Overcome Jalousy. Another Possibility, the Use of a Cat», as the Serpent» is aware, they have a Dirty Scratch. If by nature the Female has more value, being Supervised by them, would be Safer. The claws of a cat, attack from both sides. Besides if one, treat them kind. In key of how to treat another, just as The Genie Of The Lamp». Respect Those to be In Labor, Give Them their Richess. ( Isaïah 65:23, Jeremie 22:13 ) As their Hands Have had Suffered, throughout the service. Some mentallities, think only of themselves & some are never satisfied. Some of them are obsessed with control. A true Believer, Leaves Temple's Open in reasonable time. As every Person Makes a Prayer, every Now & Then. One can Have Grace For The Path Of Prophecy, as The Gift Of Jesus Christus, Is Another Chance. By cause Titled The Prince Of Peace. Making Cause of Religion, the End of Cataclism. If There Is Faith, "The Messiah" Is In Everyone. Each Prophet has His Messengers. 3 Points of importance by The Bible: Forgiveness, Messaging & Love. By the words of Christ, one would Recycle. ( John 6 ) By emotional reflex, tears come often with kindness. Music» If this is working, it doesn't need changes. After the sadness that covers the world, People With Feelings Make Tears Float. One must be conscious, the machine cannot feel nature. Changing the data won't make it feel better. If not Electric, Reset is Prohibit. Not imagining, the Human with Button. Holding Logic In the Eden. Virtual Carrot's are not very Nutritious. In calculation of Kindness», Sufficiency» & Elegancy». In logic to disable crime, one must use Honesty». Together, work on evaluation, of the term Diplomacy». To state Acropolis, with Abundance» of knowledge. In full responsibility, without the need of armory. The Quest On Earth» Remains Democracy. The Grass Remain Green, in Times Of Daisies. Within sane consciounes or Sense Of Reality, The God's aren't Astronaut's, they don't travel by Spacecraft. In legend that makes history, they did send Asteroid's» & Comet's». Which makes that every existence, are children of The Universe». By laws within symmetry, in mission of return, to The Milkyway Galaxy». It takes Earth one year, to travel around The Sun». As day & night passe without exception. When The God's are upset, The Waters Turn Red. That made The End Of A Dinosaur Era. Don't be fooled by the T. Rex», as this is Evolution». While traveling in circles, keep an eye on time, for Peace» to Claim The Mission. For a safe travel towards your planet, use localisation. The Left Corner Compass, reveals more directions.

Jesus was in favor of "No Judgements" but for Civilised Evolution, or cases as Infraction Of Law, No Other Choice Can Be Assigned. Had Jesus Judged himself many times by cause of Prophecy. Every Single Judgement was replaced by a Healing. ( keeping balance )

+ Oratio pro vita, est victoria sine mors.
− Oratio pro morte, vertere contra te.

Rhythmum Vitae invenies in pulsu cordis tui. Jesus Est Magnus, sicut fulgur alta voltage. Si vox in coemeterio, bene loquitur animarum. Haec vox venit de homine, qui natus est Nazareth. Orate in nomine suo.


Sea Of Passege.
History is absolute, future is build on seconds. The United Nations» ( Sup» ) & Wikipedia», are main sources of information. "Open To Be Verified" by The Magical & Sacret Pentagone(s), The House(s) Of Zodiac(s). Bridges & Dam's, Border To Border. All On Board. ★ ( Moon»Europa» ) ★ ★ ★ ( Orion» ) ★ ( Sirius )   ★ ( Ariële )

Don't make good judgements go to waste, that punish more innocense & faith. By The Tic & Toc Of Time, came a code Without Monsoon, For raw believe in Function. If Adam had Refused the Fruit, The Bound Nr. 18» with Eve Remained Forever. With No sadness or Grief, By result of Seperation». Which In it's Time, Had a certain Purpose. One can Understand the value of a Promise. Respecting that Rainbow Wa$hing, does Not Solve the Problem. Create a system To Hold's On to Grace. Obtained By result, of Sane Faith Upon Us. Avoiding those That make It Useless. Turn Off the TV, Visit a Friend. Create something With a Creative Hand. If stuck In a Moment, Count from 0 to 9, 59 Times The Last count, must Be The 10.

Back with Two Feet On the Ground. Don't Make part of The Compression, That is Result of a Certain Formule. Preventing Infractions Of the Prophecies, throughout The Path Of History. As books from times have made it clear. By Believe, War can End for Hundred's Of Years. Extending The Path Towards Democracy, for all the continents In The World. Only The Psychopath Will Not Understand, Everyone Has The Same Rights. If they Enter Politic's, Life is made Impossible. Forget Responsibility. these people ( think ) they interesting. Access Them a Spaceship, Never Arrive destiny. Words are Empty, Possesion Of War. ( Cataclash ) One excuse by another. This Is New Order. Apartheid, Conspiracies, False Media, Probation Of Speech. "SUPERFLU, Not Necessary, Over Ruled".  Take a hike to The Kilimanjaro, see if there is Network. The Perfect Place for Social Hangout's. Loosing Time In self Interest. Or better yet A Prayer. In proximity of Cloud's, Keeping Shape Of Condition. Dreaming of The Time, back In Metropole. Passing on The Message Of Mountain Thoughts. You've got Mail Social Cultural Behaviour. It's good to have Places Accessible On Foot. A Good Spot, To Read A Book. "CIVIS" ( Pacem ) In open Reach For Everyone. For Imagination» of Romantic Literature, where no one needs to suffer, to Obtain Romance. In Comprehension for they who Read The Book, Adapting to a Good Exemple. You are The Book that I have opened. I shall read you till last page. In case that I'm done reading, I'll passe you on autonomy. A story like you, there is no other. You Are Unique, In Every Way. By all Logic, If There Is a Mariage, Fidelity Is The Host. Making The Choice, By Raison In Occupation. Growing Capitol with Adult» Responsibilities. Shouting from The Top Of The Mountain, "We're All Equale". +-13% Men 7% Female are Exposed By Sex Addiction. Attention slipping from Common Minds. Knowing The Difference Between Sex & Love. Sex is Made by Sexist, Macho's & Snob's, while Love is destined to Last Longer. As Karma In Relationship, on Day Or Weekly Bases. Within Modern Times In years of Progress. Where Politic's Understand The Law. Where The Elite Respect The Health. Give Everyone It's Property. When people Prove their Innocence, then Set Them Free. No one is in favor, of Slavery of any kind. Poverty & Dispear, made Past Next Hundred Years. So many Borders, already Applied. In Favor to Welcome, with Generous Hand. The Step Into The Future, "In Favor For Everyone". But In a sad Conclusion, Not Everyone Has "Same Chances". Depending of The Class, assigned To your Profile. Rent only Tilt Higher. Not In ATTENTION. "Time Changes Everything" ( Recapulate Inventorium ) View through The News, this sad Reality, which doesn't Support Happiness, For they Who Need it Most. In Cosmic Cycles, Falling & Climbing through Time, left A Hole In the Ear Of The Lion. The Savannah Leaves it's Traces, Printing Pows Of a Tiger. Saving Wildlife» On The Fields. When the Lion had Crossed The Ocean, He got Transformed Into a Jacket. This part of The Contract, is not for your attention. Avoid consequences, "Inspect Trickery". Forces Make Victims daily, in favor For Economy. Activism tries to Express Itselve, is Anyone Listening? Those Stairing the Sky, Within a Conversation. Do they Need a Parachu week.te. Better just Deny it, They Not Interested. "Pollution Ruwens The Health". ( Oh, I'm sorry ) Towards a Vision Of Life, that Comes to Light. If Everyone had Grace At Site. If they are There over Day Time, They are Human. Spirits Move through The Night. In Quest for Good Energy. As Karma is Not Internal, do not Work The whole Week. Other Then Natural activities, can be called False Ego. Reflecting Love, We're Sorry, Good Luck, Take Care. Nr. 63» If Spirits are Connected, Gospel can Deliver The Message. More» Leave One Door Open, For Soaring Soul's, give Some Air To Come & Go. And if you want respect, first give some away. The Boomerang Effect. If you Throw in Decency, it Makes a safe Return.

Don't take Exemples, of they that make Conspiracies». As They like to Stick others, a bunch of Fake Stories. They do Not Think of "Consequences". With no realisation, Peoples lives Depend On It. In Logic Of Grace, Stop Hypocarcy. Confirmed By reading Books Of Magic. ( Akasha ) These books will reveal, Elegance» is free, wants nothing in return. A good intention has the power, to do it's magic, without any concern. Prohibit conspiracies, as they do the opposite. Wise Samaritaines Know the Laws Of Sanctuary», Like a Main Pocket. In Knowledge that Breaking these Laws, will Cause Juridical Magic. Forwarding The Message, of The Good Exemple. The Hand Of Justice Holds Five Fingers. If you Show Only Two, you Speak Half The Truth. Crossing The Phenix, a Sane Mind would do everything, to Avoid Claws Of The Griffin. Sound» People Who want to Talk to you, would Look you in The Eyes. Uninterested people Would Look upto The Sky, Or to the Other Side. Which often Is a fact When Conspirers make their Lie. For eye Contact in Françe, it's wise to Say "Bonjour". As Nostradamus travels, On Roads Of Carcassonne. To Finalise this Paragraphe. A Book with Empty pages, In the Hand of Humans, would Start to Write Itself.

If you'd like friendship to last long, the key is to be honest. If both sides feel the same, these friendship's last the longest. One must not underestimate, the Power of A Compliment. Love makes you forget, everything but your loved one(s). All places should be held, by hands of The Local's. A good Socialist knows the story of "Little Red Ridinghood". Pigglet's build The Wall, right accross The Street. Destracting The Wolf, that tries to blow The House. Pink said Floyd, is the color of Piggies, hiding Behind The Stones. Little Red Riding, had Learned From Grandma. The Virgin had Asked To Pray For her Son. For Safety when The Time Had Come. The Apple fall's Below The Tree, With only Exception, New York City. The Wolf will Travel world Forest's, Sharing Growth That Crossed The Road. The Pigglet's were Replaced by Mice. They had Bound, To Keep their Tail. 3 is The Number, Take away One Letter, To Make it Green On Top. The Owl on The Branches behind The Leaves, Spins his head Of Supervision. Leading The Wolf Straight To Rome». Connected by The Network»1, that many call The Web. ( 3DES, RSA, SHA256, MD5, AES ) No one needs a 2Virus, ( V.19 ) in times of "Common Health". In demand for clean consumption. "Is it wurth The Cost?" Evolution made, The War» Of The Network. People leave to Space, in hand of The Slot Machine. For The Horizon of "Justified Network Privacy". Which is to be suppervised by Lawfirm's in recognition. Keeping Supervision, "All Over The World". Entitled as The SPOC, for Digital Juridiction. In attention to Neutralise The Dark Side Of The Network. ( Luke, use The Force For Good ) Crypto Valuta's, over The Bank. Replacing Criminologist By The Algorithm, is Accuratly a quite Big Risk. The last can be calculated, in advance. A Game should Not want Access to a Camera & Contact, or All other Information, this Application wants. In Mission to go Forward, not the way around. If The Global Motor Is Electric, can It be A Right To Have. Avoiding to Be Ruled, By The Machine. No need for Industrial Espionage, If All Use the Same Pruducts. In & Export between Countries, Let People Have their Privacy. With all Do Respect, Dixxen is our Private Life. It does not matter, if you're a Boy or a Girl. No one is to be punished over a Mobile Phone. "The Cost Covers The Product". DNA is more then just 0 & 1. Maybe one day, The Giant's will understand, ones Open Source», users have full control. With required safety, applied upon install. Just imagine The Planet, to "Format All". Don't punish someone, who is doing it's best, it can happen to everyone, to make mistakes. Advice for security in Privacy» till time, is to close doors 22, 23 & 9150 from outside. And to use DNS, of your choice. A decent Tunnel doesn't Leak. A System that Protect Data & Functionality. More One» & Two». Change the Device Name of your Mobile, every now & then. The Original name for DNS is "Dynamic Name Server". Scrolling on, is in Progress. Tiny Little Spider, what would happen, if The Global Web suddenly were gone? Find more» Crushed by The Rookless Hand Of The Giant. "Mr. Giant, Let Nature Have It's Peace. If the Spider needs a web, leave it in his choice. This is The Circle, of Natural Sience. Don't Malicioulice The Network. Protecting The Spider Matrix & The Credit Of The User(s).

A Good Education, would learn "The Differences In People, Don't Make Them Less Better". Within The Term Of "Fair Play", no one likes to be discriminated. Creation gave everyone, their Feelings & Qualities. The Power's From Above, Go Straight Into The Law». Which by time, goes from The Sanctuary to The United Nations. The best Prayers would be, on top of a Mountain. ( Isaïah 55 ) Keeping Grace In Cause Of Nature. Not only in The Mountains, but All Over The Planet. Those who seek Solitude In The Corner, Are No Different Then Others. In purpose to, "Let Life Just Live It's Way". Even for The Clochey Hand, ( La Main Clochaitte ) Hanging Pointed Down. All The Types In Person, that Came To Have A Try. When Solidarity runs Town-Let, let it be this way. They who make a mess, are bound to clean it free. The Deer was able to safely cross tbe road. By conscious act of General Hygenes, it's Good to be Statistic. Do not let The Moustache become The Pinnemuts. ( Everyone Is Illigal ) If you want to Be Unique, don't do things Twice. ( Goodluck ) "It's not in what you do, but in how you do it". The Stones Of Quartz, are used In Time. The Orbit of Earth decides Velocity. The homeless been here longer, then "The Brave Of King's". The Apartheid» has seperated them from their lives. Most of these people, had a job in the past. ( Mind The Builders ) Was it a Burnout, Breakup or Plot? What was it, that went wrong? 3 Month time, before Check-Mate. Expulsion Halt Matrak. Headspace» explains to Remain In Balance. Close Eyes & Listin. The wise Man Said: "Everything depend's from what side they came. It is better to have Studiers, then Pyramid Game Pioneers". The Wizard Replied: "It might be better to replace Politician's, by elected Governer's, as most these Politician's, think only of them selves". The Witch Thought out Loud: "Business men are nothing but Bling Bling, with a taste of plastic. In tendency to pull money out of everything". The Politician Mumbled: "We're sorry Sir, we sold your property. Something we forgot to mention". The Scientist Confirmed: "It's not in the looks, it's in the feels. One should have Soul, to become One, as it would be good to end corruption". The Best thing to do, Is to Trust Intuition. By using The Eyes, See The Planet is Round. With a look at Horizon, more Proof can Be Found. People have been Writing, sins The Times Of Stones. Which you choose, a Heart or Diamond? If The Spirit is Alive, it'll let you know. A unique Experience, for The Ones With Soul. The Whispers blowing, from The Friends In The Cloud. Saying that, "Life Goes On". There is a Second Of Time In Everything. A diver that swims The Easter Islands» ( Rapa Nui ), finds Effigies in The Ocean. Swimming towards The Shores Of The Shunshine. This exercise is bound, to make you hungry. A Cow is not a Goat, but both make Tasty Cheese. The Goat that came From Hoboken yelled "komnekeeriiere". Learn the Difference Of Jupiler & Heineken. For Traditional Monastery, have Chimay». Turn The N(ature) clockwise, spin 90°. Now you have a Z(eus). "All Weapons Down". The Month Of May brings back Flowers, Every Year. The God's can Create Lightning, In a Cloudless Sky. As Humans Protect their Galactic Area, for The Project Of Peace. Ending the treat of Ludicrous Matter. Evolving another Couple Thousend Years, in search for other "Planets To Fill". Guided by The Vortex Tunnel, Protected by The Black Hole». Light can Not Escape it's Magnetism, keeping Tunnels Bright Inside. At High Velocity, Till Destination.

A book has inspiration, but can't replace personality. Having only one, is kind of Fascist. ( Mind The Lonely ) If the Fascist can Pee, at Impossible Places. The Peafowl will Attract a Dozen Fly's. Don't feel Proud about The Act, To Pee Aside a decent Bird. If people are alone, maybe they've been seperated. Learn More about it, Read The Cyclopes». The Giant ended Alone In The Mountains. Eating Fish that Taste like plastic, is Not Good For The Stomach. For Fish it is Natural, to Have Eyes at The Side. With only Few Acceptions, all Things Come & Go. In Hope for Safe Return, after a while. Besides of course, for The Flu. By notice Life Can't Be Controlled, Nature Is Bound To Control Itself. Male & Female, are Natural Elements. Brahmagupta: keeping Gravity at Point Zero. Illustrated: -1 •0• 1+. ( Balance ) Obtaine Phi with: x = 1 + 5 ÷ 2. The number that sins Maya's & Pharaon's, expresses Advanced Mathematic's. In ancient Architrctures & Technology. From Knowledge that grew By dependents of Condition. When + & - connect to eachother, Mathematical Magic is Bound To Happen. No reason to Punish One & Other, Over fact of Natural Causes. In 3000 Years Of Evolution, Humanity Lives 35% Longer. There is no Cure For Death, it will Stay A Destiny1. Although it can be 2Delayed For A Very Long Time. Celebrated by The Feast Of Calavera», where Spirits Are United. In opportunity, you can Love One & Other. It Is perfectly Possible, to Love Several People. All depends on how Honest you are, or what you are looking for. To be Educated» in responsibility. You can only Miss Someone Ones They Left Site. As Adult's Are Bound, to Make their Own Decisions. ( age 25 ) Know that "Wanting Everything Is Impossible". Although "Many Things Can Be Shared". Economy on Warefare, Must Be made Prohibit, by simple cause, to "Honor The Prince". Adviced to treat everyone with Kindness», for them to return, when time set's The Call. In All expectations of your Privacy. To consult mathematical literature of your DNA, please read the book, that is named The Bible». This book holds directions, that don't need copies. This in Count for All Religions. As all religions have a raison. Remember, all Books Have their Time & Translation. The most satisfying are labeled "Uncut" or "Legacy". Adapting Global Democracy. Deepen The Thoughts: "Humans alone In The Galaxy, But Not The Universe". Wave Signals Fly The Galaxy, With instructions of The Beat». By Winter we all have "Schnudle Snifflungen". As last line of Paragraph, the worst name in The Universe, is Moustache Pinnemuts.

Many reflect them selves in being perfect, but at a time of perfection, you don't see them comming. And most people are believers, but only few make their Prayers , besides when it's bordered with "Too Late". It Is quite Important, to Keep a Church In Center, Without having to Blame, one & other. ( John3:12, 3:36 ) By Responsibility, we Cannot go Back to Tyranny. In Respect For the hands, that wrote Former Poetry. The fact a town with good inhabitants, also holds Cat's & Dog's. And when people say They Haunted, it is probably by Some Government. ( these come at all ages ) In conscious evolution, without Intrusion & Invasion. Wether For Language Or Terratorië , Makes Part Of The Past». Bring Logic to accept a True Story, that Religion brings Throughout History. Accapting The Laws That Grow Among Time. In Need for The Sentinel Tiger, one must Take Care Of it's Smaller Brother. By Starting by the Smaller, It's Wurth When They Grow Older. Nature had Preserved Evolution Ingrediënts. Cupidon» is The Smallest Angel, but His Arrows Are most Magical. By case of Infraction, Tampa» ( Vatican Italy ) will Decide, if there is a Second Chance. By Experience that time has, Accessible To Everyone, Who Consults for Education. A Book in preservation, Needs it's Protection. So Shall be The Lady, who's Named Marie. The reason why Marie Cried the most, was the labor coming From Possesed Rich folk. People who don't understand, Money did not create life. To work away tears, richess could be devided more honestly. The question makes more Tears Float. By number of count: 8, 2 & 1 Dog. Animals found At Crib Of Birth. Some people, Have no Shame", the Donkey Left Early. By knowledge of Gold, The Fact A Planet With Two Sun's, could Have Summer All over The Surface. For the sky to belong to The Gold Wing Butterfly, Not the formule of The Bomb». Which In AD1943, got Attached to The Code». Dictators have Tendencies, to Turn around The Hand. Cesar had made Eva, Ave & The Hand. The Cross was Ment For Religion, Not for War. Some just don't Understand. Adam had Better Stayed. Keep denying, (G:\) this Terminal leads to Genocide». This Is the work, by The Hands Of a Charlatan». The kind of person, that Thinks Only of Money. Payed Twice by The Pollution Solution. Global Warming, treat it Like a Micro Wave, 10min "Ping" it's Cooking. Camera's & Gossip will Not Solve The Problem. Neither is the practice of Wa$hing» in any kind. Eco@earth>tracert_ * * * Not Found. The Tipping Point! Horn The Trumpet. Life is Less then The Platinum Account. After Manifest By Millions of Citizen, still not much, or No Reaction. Blame it on The Cigarette. This King Size Box, Smokes more then The Private Jet. The Rocket lift's on Hydrogen», The Jet on Kerosene». Only an old bird flies on Diesel». "Which is the one, most Polluting?" Scale» Target 30th Century On High Speed TCP». Send it by MSG: "Do Not Press The Red Button". Don't make Mistakes, by Lack Of Honesty. Follow Basic Logic, "Hold Two Feet On The Ground". Call it Cosmic Law.

By Time Of Daily Tic, it's not a crime to forward, "The Message Against War". Porte La Paloma Blanca. Salvador Dali» had stretched The Time. They who make their Prayers, Will Lighten Up The Sky. Open The Road Of Peace», Procedures For Good Cause. Know that By Believe, War Ones Disapeared For 300 Years. ( Whisperer ) For Times Of The Future, to become Blessed For Everyone. Not only the 1%, as by The Politician. The Inter Galactic Flag(s), wear a Moon, Star, Sun, Flower or Elephant. By cause of Timeless Cosmos Ligare. If people of The World, would Educate Religion, you'd find that All Religions Are Made To Complete. Holding All Elements, as The Sun», The Moon» & The Star(s)». All together in The Galaxy, by time maybe Beyond. To continue Legacy, in another Star System. Only Negligence Seperates The Cosmos & Faith. Millions of Star's, were counted by Abraham, Clusters Of Space left to discover. Time Is Magic. "Tic Toc The Clock, More Star's to be Added, In The Soup." Depending of The Sun that One Day will darken, awaiting The Blast Of Super Nova. This will cause to release "The Orbit Of Earth". More Less Twelve Thousend Years, Left To Build, before this Change Of The Galaxy. 365 Days, 5 Hours, 49 Minutes, Earth made a Spin. In calculation without disturbance, that could be caused by Asteroid's or Comet's. Now you "Understand The Importance"1, to follow 2"The Prophecy"3, let it 4"Be In Peace". These guidelines were ment for every person, who "Wish To Have A Choice". By numbers, you make part of Ph. 3268, throughout Evolution. 51% Fulfilled, The Fish Must Be Excused. Hold On Thight, Stay In The Boat. Remember: Talking faulty about others, is wasting time in Your Own Future. The Old Pirate said: "I'll give Two Fart's For Free & One Half Price". As The Ship Sailed a little faster, By Laws In Wind Pressures. Obtained by Physic's & Natural Gass. "Thousend Years Later", People got Clochette. They made Electric Car's, that can't Charge Themselves. In A World Of Democracy, Everyone Has Chances. Hônor Nr. 30», Translated In Century. Keeping tact Of Memory, Inspires inspiration. And a Focused mind, handles Faster Then a Second. P = Watt's, E = Volt, I = Ampere. Spinning The Wheel of "Automatisation". Ventilating Human Logic. "Economy Monopoly", Turn 180º. No more Obsession By Eleven & Thirteen. Wa$hing Machine turning overtime. 360RPM, Max 3 Bubbles ( Eco Solvent ). No sitting or talking, 60min "Wash & Go".

The Fart: An excile of Gass, caused by the stomach. In reason of degesting the contents in Stomach Acid. Cows Fart generaly 4 Times More Then Humans. Because they have 2 Stomach's. By effect, it gives a Funky Sensation in The Butt. Moderate extraction, pushing too hard can cause an accident. The Cow is Not Conscious, that Humans Are Different. The She Has desided to bring good Milk. Could also Grass Between The Trees.

Faith is a symbol of number 290 meaning. The angels are sending you a message telling you to hold on to your faith. Continue to believe in God at all times. Also, believe that God will one day answer all of your prayers. Continue to believe that God will hear all your cries and tears that life has shown you.

The Slam was born in The 1970's, by a Certain Poët Society. ( England ) In The Early 80's get's a Rythm in a US Jazz Club. Not without the help by The Voice Of Acapella. ( Hiphop» ) Drift's over The Ocean, into The Sea, floating as The Message In The Bottle. Through the waters of Moby Dick», by Magic Of High Volta». Get's a new beat, at The Shores Of TwoStep». ( Garage ) Instant Underground, on The Desk, in Package of Septic Rapperey. In Time, The Slam Realm's All Around The Planet. Turn The Page» Good Witches & Magicians, are Specialist In Herbal's. Those who use Chemicals, will Tumble To The Darkside. Using Chemicals in House Hold, Brings along a Danger. Not just for The Family, also for The Animals. Be Aware for The E, from 217 to 483. Everywhere you go, The Garbage Keeps The Trash. A good disposer keeps Distance Of Fly's». If they come in colors, it's Easier To Recycle. Which comes across The Formule, by a man named Tesla». When streets should keep a decent smell, The Urinoir's can do that. All these subjects are in Common Education. Waters could Be Filtered, before Return to Ocean. For experiments with Food, try Broccoli by Club Sandwich. It Motivates The Rights, In having enough Vitamines. Šăšvatam Pavitum ( Internal Pure ) "If only I could say the same", said Mr. Fish. Tabou & Superstition will Confuse The Mind. Creating Doubt In thoughts of Faith. In attention to inform each other, not to discriminate, or judge a difference. Passing on The Message Of Time of Prophecy. As Truth makes it easier, to Trust One & Other. Artisan & Partisan Farmer's don't want to Fear The Giants. Give every Farmer, a place for Market, in "The City Of Choice". Honest chances, For All Cultivation. If you disrespect Human Rights, your place is in prison. The Police Officer is bound to Know That. This also Counts, in Guilt By Warfare». Protect The Citizen, read The Contract. Where you find Pale Grey Animals, Read Books Of Magic. Alphabetic Times, by Dawn Of The Cuckoo. Go Defeat The Ogre beside the Boy Called Little Thumb». For you to be in safety, time after time. The Tressor ( Matthieu 6:20 ) is garded by The Left Handed Capitaine Alatriste». ( All Hands On Deck ) Another Toast in time, For King Philippe III. Be carefull for The Nose Sire Pinocchio». Lying too much, will loose The Goal. Aim target with The Disk Of Olympus». "Long Live The Olympic's". Medal's have gone, Medal's Will Go. The First Winter Games started AD1924. Take a step back, ease down a little. With a taste of Kashkaval». ( Cheese ) Aging on The Whistle Of The Wind».

A Politic Of Honesty, in other words, Truth. Available to everyone, who want To Have A Taste. Time to Discover, "The Continent Of Europe». 49 Is past 1 of 100, devided by 2. One is waiting to make 50. ( Nomenklatura ) 3 Giants, Henri Pointcaré, Cédric Villani & Euclide. Calculating Time of Difference. More Less 2000 Years, Overlay Bridge. 3 x 2 = 6 x 2 = 12. Adding a Four Equals 16. Coma seperate 1,6 = Φ 1803». The Number of Gold, is Jesus Favorite Color. Infinite Hash Encryption». Aswel The Color Of The Sun Flower. In term of Landscape, an Horizon Of Green, Blue & Yellow. A Bottle of Wine can Add The Red. Avoid sequels of Hate, if The Deal Is Peace. No more Pandemic, War belongs to History. Time Of Opportunity, don't compress, Expand. V + V = X or Nr. 10». Sentinel(le) Angel's» Protect The Innocent, while getting Air On Top Of The Mountain. By Evolution In Art, from The Whale by the tribes Of Haïda. To The Rectangle that is Reflecting The Mona Lisa, ( 16:9 ) Became a Pentagone. By help of The Spiral, in ways of Fauna» & Flora» , Evolving Into a Circle. UFO or Planet, The Coffee Is Served, with Hands Of Tallent. "Is It For Years, With Points In Honesty". Mostly, a Cup of Circled Aroma. Attached to Internal Solidarity. Center Europe, speaking Frenglish. Rejoin The Mind, with a drink at "La Cantinna" ( Horta Cambrinus ). I'll Go to the Dentist On your Behalf. By the coincidence, from The Shop On The Corner. Meetings that Contribute The Future. With A Push Of Luck, There Is A Father In Every Family. Not only in Europe, but all over The Planet. Try a Coffee in a Bar, close around The Station. Enter with a smile, makes The Coffee so much better. While visiting a City, try one in The Center. It's brought by Gratitude & Odeur Nr. 84400. ( Lavande ) Because "We Believe" it is Good. Just as finger licking, after Cake. Me Sire, "We'd Like To Keep The Originals". "Welcome To The Boat" If you won't Believe The Doctor, Then don't go. By Speech that came from The Three Musketeers. If The Horse Named Mehryle Would still Run, It would be more Fortunite then The Baron. ( Black Stallion ) And Authentic Dragons can Only Origin, from The Lands Of China. Nepal & Tibet. Peeking The Mountains, where Prayers Work Their Best. All other exemples are reflections of Black Mirror. Which are Fake As The Labyrinth Of Illusions. "Oh My", said The Hatter», "that's not my Cup Of Thee". They said it was Sugar, but it tasted kind'a Saltley. Thô Imposters need to Lie, To Get some Attention. Passing on The Stone named Fogazie. Too much Absynth will Make People Crazy. Give us That Mirror, We'd Add some Stars. Dreaming Of The Universe. Let Honesty Be The Judge, in what you taste is good. A writing without Soul, is simply not Complete. Inca & Indian, had Called The Seven, "The Saint Commandment's", Sharing the North Star, or better Sirius. If Life Is Extended, The Circle Of Ancient's Will Grow. Helping Out To Maintain Sincere & Severe. Not only High Tides, but All Ticking Second's. The Circles Of The Liney Connect Pentagone(s). Join In Conference, National, Continental & United. Silver Circles, to Center Gold. By Definition, Artial Cata Is Power In Defence. "Ippon Seoi Nage", Legend Nr. One. Agression Is Sanctional, Outside The Dojo. In perspective of The Liney, Every single Person Is Part Of Evolution. Magic Circles, that Cycle On Natural Energy. Filling The Concorde» With Electricity. In Alignment from The small Street Magician's. Towards The Magiër's & Priest's Of The Grand Pentagones, completing a Seminar or Semester. Buildings that By Time, Lift Into Cosmos. Finding Re-Ligare Upon another Surface. The 5 Point Pentagone, is Connectable to Others. Forming A larger Base, made By 3 Vessels. To Return a Triangle, With Cut off Edges. Give It another Few Hundred Years. By Future, become a Species Without Borders. The Human race Migrated From 7 Days, To 7 Planet's. Writing Law In Favor Of The Universe, by The Hand Of "Terra Science". Serving the Best Coffee In The Galaxy. Everything Is Magic. "Welcome To Earth". In Evolution Of Modern Times, Guided By The Star Above Cyprus. This Is Democracy, by 5 Element Division, composed By The Country In Occupation. Hônor The Year AD1999», a new Go, Without Lies. If One Reaches The Universe, They will All. Be In Peace, Time Is Your's. "Basta Escarmouche". ( Echo )

Prayers: ( Fasa ben vouatra priera )

Mary, Full Of Grace, The Lord Is With Thee. Blessed are thou among women, and Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother Of God, Pray For Us sinners now, and at the hour of our death. • Amen •

Zeus, Lord Of The Skies, Master Of Wind. Give us Wings, to Defeat The Deamons. So the people of Earth, can live their Freedom. Let The Wind Cary Their Courage. Today, as Internally, In All It's Justice & Legacy. • Efcharisto Hecataeus • Carpe Diem •

Jesus, owner Of Chances For Peace. The Second Life For all Spirits. May The Message Hold On other Planets. The Knowledge Of Water & Bread. By Time maybe Some Wine. Behind The Star That Shines the Most. • Amen •

Justitiae Naturalis Principia

Psalm: O how love I Your law! It is my meditation all the day. Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, for they are ever with me. ~ Nerva - 98 -

The Stone which the builders rejected has become the Head Stone of the corner. ( Psalm 118:22 )

Objective: Humanity is only in it's first part of Evolution. By succeeding The End Of War, Time Is Liberated To Travel Outer-Limits. In calculation of Time, used to prepare to Leave The Galaxy. Travel Beyond Borders. The Universe, which N. Tesla also describes as a Spiral Of Infinity. In solution for Invalid Space. The Multiverse sounds like Fiction, A point where Humanity shows it's Mystery by traveling on The Ship Named Earth. Shaping foundation of A Species In Legacy. Keep Eyes On Target. Space Goes Beyond. ( Grand Unity )

For as far The Road, Teach others Faith. Not The theatre Show. As for all The Living, these Scenes Last the Longes. In times where consequences awake us. The dawn for healthier living, was not in reach of giving. One day hopefully, will they understand, the importance of air, water & land. For all it has been giving, today it's likely crying. Can one just look the opposite, or simply walk away. Losing intrest for what is life. Behold the storms heats or fires. No money keeps alive, at the time required. The classes of differences will disapear, when the point in no-return is near. Keep the lies & excuses. Give a person peace while growing older. Be aware for time keeps ticking. Seconds, Minutes & Hours, without competition.

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The Stones Of Basalt, have history in Fossil. Being against Apartheid is the right of every person. The Messenger is not a Prophet, neither are they Puppets. By the words for choice to others, do also Whistle Blowers. "Set Them Free", to blow their Flutes, as "Exemple Believe Would". The Choice which is part of The Democracy. "Yesterday, Today & In The Future" By help of The Greek & Sacret Literatures. This is why this Vortex, also holds "Some Keys". For you To Have A Choice, in Which Way To Go & Which Door To Choose. Handed from The Key Master, Towards The Gate Keeper. The Magic Word Is "Please". In Tribute to Prophecy Of Faith & Time.

Don't blame innocence over 11:59, Dooms-Day-Time. Make the difference, in Keeping The Balance. Approaching Jupiter, The Desert Planet. AD2500 Last stop The Universe. People Are all Naturaly Honest. Not any Hors is able to stop them. Millions have expressed The Voices Of Change. And in Normal Cycles, After Storm Comes Sunshine. By help of The Sounds offered by Nature. The Wild Is Origin. "We Are Not For Sale".

Do not eat The Fruit, which has been poisoned. O2 Eco Law Inc». Daily Journal, No exists by two letters, the last one can repeat. We need more Efficience to reach 2050. A writer is Not a Criminel. Magic Phrase(s): "We All Make Part(heid)" & Let The Law Do It's Work". Life Is Not A Game. A Judgement without hearing, is Against The Law. Past The Time, the lands were made for everyone. If there still is War, it can only be for Money For those who don't understand, Everyone has The Same Rights. It is time to turn the page. Time is ticking, there is no return. They who Goal Enternity, End By Believe. Don't be afraid of those in the Street, they have no choice. As they are not the ones, cutting The Trees. "Welcome to The 21 Century".

Paging & contents @ WaxxK. The human reset button. Mixcloud» Writer, by cause of slavery sins 2019. Madeleine, Andrieux & Uncle Seb had to Sleep outside. ( venez "Chez Nous" ) Tambourine made in Belgium. The Capital, New Colliseum EU. Able to Give a Little-Tap-Dance, Next to The Gladiator. Napoleon found Bon Apart(ment). Corruption pull's the Money from your Pocket. Razzia Papa's, covered in Blue, Green, Red & Yellow. Everybody took The Vaccine Of Full Control. Even The Hors, The Rider & The Rubber. ( Oopsy Dazie, Beer Not Included ) The Post was Filtered, Seperated Without Motive. ( Mo allee Pie ) Enough Civiliens, Law Makers & Priest, Have been Offered, for insanity. Victims Of Saden Causes, Travel Through The Universe, By Light Of Space & Time. If you have a home, try to keep it. This might not be that easy. Send your Ego Over The Sea. By Carton, so it Soak The Way. Drift on Open Waters. ( Thank all The Fish ) Boum-Baddaboum, The Arrival Of Logic. ( It's Me, What's Up ) Plastic Realy Was Recycled. C'est pas m'a faute Royal Flush Solar Panels. ( Climate Action 2020 ) The more you Give, The more you Regret. In question, "Where Do You Get Off?" Excuses have Left The Ozone Layer. "Tamtarram Political". If Maltazard had Sinned, it's by Fake Information. The Green Parakeet Flies all over The World. Better Vuurtje Then Lucifer, even At The Opera. ( Take it outside ) The Ghost's were listening Tosca & Erik Satie. The End of Colonies, The Boat Sailed Christopher Columbus. Found other Land, Far away From Israel. Reading books can confirm information. Squatting Pages, through 7 Days. "Have Grace For The Boat That Doesn't Sink". Titanic today Is The Movies. The Stars came back In Open Sky. The Vader Had Understanding, waving The Sword Of The Dark Side. This Tambourine is In Search For Future Without Cataclysme. In Satisfaction By actual Moon. Back to subject: A good Soul functions best, if there is "Peace On Land". Letting Good Herbal's Satisfy You. The Grass Is Green, besides if It's Too Hot. Reading a book, is Not A Crime, just by cause, It Inspires The Mind. Life Is Not A Competition. Set Innocence Free. Swatch is a Clock, Keep Eyes On Time. A Moon Is A Death Planet, "We Already Have One". It shows us The Eclipse. These are "The Laws Of The Galaxy". Cercling Words Of Humanity. Let it Echo(o).

The Son Of God Was Send For Those Who Are Lost

In Search For Truth

Bwa, C'est Fous Tout Ca!

The Slide Under The Carpet... ( Giflez Los Raspiratores )

The Scepter Of The Law Started Shining ( Illumination )

The Stones Were Smiling

They found Satisfaction» ( tu rigole )

If Stones Were Not Important, They Simply Wouldn't Be

Theme Song» Of Common Moments

Mountains Will Be Cleaned By Prayers ( Sorry Mr. Giant )

La Arboj De La Felica Arbaro Kriis "Vivu Eũropo"

Cada País Receberá Um Anjo Da Guarda

People Live In History Of Others Future ( Cyclus )

Late Night News - Ai Aiai ( Flip It In Reverse )

Stop Dreaming! ( Non Possible )

Pirates Are Devoted To The Waters Of Serenity

Abbra Universum

Men Smoke Weeds Sins AD1460 ( Sugested Moderation )

If The Walls Listen Too Much, Nothing Is A Surprise ( Tu Parle? )

Shakespeare Would Say:
As you from Crimes Would Pardoned be, let your indulgence Set Me Free.

~Written by The Feather

A clean Stage holds no secret's. Reflecting the image of sane Roleplays. They who came to See The Show, will be set Free. In attention of return in Satisfaction.

Keep stuff Up & Go, you never get To Heaven if all is blur. ( flu ) Officers with the Tickets. One is enough, To Many Is a Problem. Mary Had Spoken, Don't Work on Sundays. Monday's, Re-Examination. Caution for Industrial intrusion of Faith. Ligare in size, The Wolf did Not Eat The Lamb. What was it, that He'd Eaten?

In Memorial ~Griffin Perrin

The Sun Is Female

Seven Tabernacles:( In Reverse )
~ The Eifel Tower Is An Antenna
~ Cargo Drones Float & Fly By Satellite ( Atom Triple Orbit, 16 acces Points )
~ When everything is Apartheid, you live with Psychopath's (read & learn )
~ The Zeppelin Will Rise At North Sea Catacombes
~ Crash Test Dummies became Movie Stars. ( Heavy Bumpers )
~ The Internet Cook's Java & Cookies
~ The Universe Is A Deeper Freezer.

The Chamber Of Wickedness Opened The Door ( C'est Encore Les Geants )

They Pee'd In The Internal Pit Of Stink ( Massive )

Spiritus Moksha Andare Altra De La Citadelle ( Ultima Vedère )

The Apes Were Laughing ( It Wasn't Funny )

El Flamingo se la Pete. ( Pinkel Gaz )

The Rooster got Delayed by Silvester. ( Saprestiekes )

Opening The Portal Of Free Rehab.

. _. _..  _ .... .  . ..._ .. _ _ _ ._.. . _. ._._ .

Don Quechotte chased the Giant, The Donkey Saved his Back. The Wind Wheel kept Turning, even With A Hole.

In Support for Julian, some events from The Calendar: AD1363». A Royal Sir, Sire, Majesty & Your Highness. The Queen, Her Altesse. Past 25, No longer on Parental Control. ( what does it mean? ) For local documentation, please download The Agreement». Writing & Reading Out of Colonism. Awayting The Letter, that End's Poverty. The Theatre of Munt, Ralm's The Piano. • Sar Alphabeta • Saracen(s) Abbra Universum • Never without water. H2o And maybe a Towel. In Space, Money Has No Value. Don't Choke, Everyone is Preventing The Flu. Ra-Ta Tartan, Glamour can not Come From only One Side. The Children Do not Build the Wall. If they are Young, Educate Peace. The Spirit of Christ, Rewards the Good. Extreme Fachism, must Be Errased. The Pork(s) need to Protect Their Behind. The Deal is Green, not red. Stop That poisonessSs Tail That Slides The Grass. 1. Justice Must Be Served. But Never Behind The Back. And Never drop Blood, On a Carpet. Or Demons Will come to Occupy it. ( Protecting female & Innocence ) Last but not least, "Don't ever Seperate Roots From the Trees". By All part's, leave em Together.

- END - 

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