Welcome to Cyberwaxx.be.
We are a handful of graphic & webdesigners who like to work with codes as: XML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP7 & Actionscript2. Also programs as Adobe suite: Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash to illustrate, build a website or animate music-videos, visual-presenations and short-movies. You will find more about this while navigating this website. For technical reasons, we need to add the websites are browser free, only MS Internet Explorer is excluded due the many CSS style sheet in-compatibility problems a side to other browsers. Next, we also support graphistes, musicians & street artists from all over this marvellous planet. This to let art be enjoyed from outside the cyber-world boundaries. You will find more about this on the links page by navigating the main menu on the left. If you would like to support us, T-shirts are on sales for reasonable prices by visiting the clothing page. We guaranty solid prints and long resistant clothing, cloths that resist washing sessions. Music and games can be played for recreation, you will find several radio stations and games selectable in the "Web Radio" or "Games" menu items. If you have questions or want to report errors coming from our presentations or website, please visit the contact page to find instructions. For now we want to thank you for your visit and wish all the best.