Time vortex had disturbances, you end up in history. You can try to reach The Future», or you can spend some time with the Dinosaur. If it repeat's itself, review actions for democracy bellow:

Your era is having Global Warming» isseus. You can update information by selecting following titles: UN Climate News», Jurassic Development», Plastic Pollution» & Global Climate Rank 2022». Else, this Yin-Yang» set, reveals an ideolect overview of common information. Study Meteorites», in cause of Astrology». Fulfill honesty test One» & Two». Read about Unicef» or The Venus Project». And find out what E²» can do for you.

E = mc²» comes to an end. But TL = mc²» is infinite ( ) in key of recycling energy. Avoid a list, as it comes to an end as E. Use Physics» to overcome miseducation. Learn that Fossils are causing tension aswel as land mineral exaustion. In rotation as The Orbit» of The Moon». Allong it's pressure towards water Tides». Learn that life is made by nature parts. Let the mind use Gratitude» & Unity». If The Dog» can learn this, so can Humanity». The truth is not a secret, but a necessity. Judge into the mirror, before judging another. In knowledge of the cause, that generated judgement. If hate, lies & greed are ingredient of War. For a push of luck, use a pitch of Clover Four». 0 & 1 Are receipt of Binary. In logic follows 2 & 3. 4 Becomes a pack or mass, 5 is the final element, no need for Taboo or Mystery:

1. Earth» 2. Wind (air)» 3. Water» 4. Light (fire)» 5. Electricity»

Life» is not a competition, but an experience of natural ingredience in unique combination. In solution of over-population, disable 5+ resurrection, as artificial or cloned reproduction. Give a female a choice, if it comes to abortion. Replace media & publicity washing. By ecological correct education. Paparazzi» is pathetic, as Terrorisme is political panic. Conspiracies come with a plot, only a liar will tell you it's not. People in cities are not an attraction. Sports are efficient, but could respect population. A man in costume, always wants something in return. A persons privacy is not for sale. A grumpy temper, needs some rest for it to sail. Within the ways of common logic, that could use some attention. In resolving certain tensions, we all have intuition. If there is enough intelligence, there is no need for violence. Do not trust an organisation, that generates Seperation». For times in ending War, the advantage to stay together. Hold on to fidelity, as civilised ages passe history. The past ended German Policies», to make way for Greek Philosophies». (Demo & Kratia) Stabilise economy without classes of differences. As money is not the source that life build. Replace the crises of infinity, by honest ways of equality. Do not judge the differences, between male & female. As it seems, some prefere to be the same. With each the rights & possibility, in abstain, vaste, nuon or veganity. Find out more in one», two» & three». In symbol for rejection of meat. Or respect for what life has given in need. If their is no sin, leave everyone it's Freedom».

The pipe of an engine, still smokes more then cigarette consumption. Give tabac a place, where consumption don't bother. Tabac industry infects 17% of users, 5% to others. Globally + - 60% experience exposion. Which is the source, that is causing more Cancer»? In defence of drugs or violent Chemotherapy». Wouldn't it be wise, to end this cruelty? Or sad incouragement, towards more poverty. To gain a clean & safe transition, towards traffic & globalisation. Rules could be applied in acceptence, for cleaner traffic guidence. Not only on solid ground, but complete range of conductance. Don't point a guilt finger towards the community. Many feel positivity, to live in unity. Most burdons of Consumption», come straight out of industry. In key for responsibility, the XXI» century shouldn't have slavery. If guidance feels positive, people show discipline & comprehensivity. But causing the opposite, brings rebellion activity. These are the ways of plus & minus, which is a natural element, by Electricity» within Water» guidances. The Ankh, raised by The Nile», keeping an equalised elementary balance. By respect & grace towards all elements, gain a clean consumption.

A clean Biosphere» helps preventing the Plague's» of Armageddon». As The Eye» protects life of present day. Spread the message of honesty & truth, by help of sane believe within you. Good believe has no control, let it use imagination. In acceptance that all lives have a dream in fulfillment. Avoid making a sequel, everything is original. If life is all that matters, give opportunities to the others. By emotional reflex, tears come often with kindness. If this is working, it doesn't need changes. One must be conscious, the machine cannot feel nature. Changing the data won't make it feel better. In calculation of Kindness», Sufficiency» & Elegancy». In logic of disabling crime, one must use Honesty». Together, update or evaluate, the ways of Diplomacy». With Abundance» of knowledge, without the need of armory. As the quest on Earth» remains Democracy. On the rhythm of time, drift through The Universe». By laws within symmetry, in mission of return, to The Milkyway Galaxy». Don't be fooled by the T. Rex», as this is Evolution». Keep an eye on time, for Peace» to claim the mission. For a safe travel towards your planet, the compass reveals directions.

 History is absolute, life on time changes by seconds. Here for, so can these contents. The United Nations» & Wikipedia» are main sources for actuality in information.

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