Time vortex had disturbances, you end up in history. You can try to reach The Future», or you can spend some time with the Dinosaur. If it repeat's itself, review actions for democracy bellow:

1200 BCAsia present themselves by Dragons & Wariors. Each tribe it's unique Dragon, with it's qualities & recognitions. The positive ( white ) Dragon & the negative ( black ) Dragon, create Yin Yang. Myths show that Dragons also control the weather. For each type of weather, a Dragon. While The Yaksha protects the forest, the most magnificent buildings are growing Metropolis. Within the borders of 10 Kingdoms, Dragons fly for many years through-out Dynasties. As Cambodia counted 8 day weeks. If this would return, the 8 get's The Star. ( Sirius ) 5 Of these days, have an Electric charge.

800 BCThe land which is called The Americas ( North & South ), is habitat for Incas, Mayas & Indians. The Inca population travels with The Sun, from temple to temple. While they leave traces for their God Viracocha, who made the Sun, Moon as the whole Universe. The temple of Tiahuanaco leaves many misteries, while it was already becoming a ruin in this time. Quetzalcoatl the high priest who lived close to the Gods, had forbidden sacrifice & war, to maintain peaceful relations upon the mortals. Mayas believed in justified endings. As their God's Itzamna & Hunab Ku thought them good & bad, which made conclusion that too much power leads to corruption. The Sun apears on pottery and other tools & materials, that Mayas & Incas used through-out their daily tasks.

250 BCThe nose is made for smelling, if it generates bubbles, you might want to keep it clean. This practice, allows to breath the air of Atlantis. While Pyramids were first ment to be circles, with an inside as a spiral. ( The Spiral Of Life ) Finally end up a combination of square & triangle. Because the architects got hooked by art of making straight lines. While the dog named Anubis ( aka Kheops ), sniffles through the labyrinth of the Pyramids. Only an idiot pees against Mosques or Churches. Keeping five fingers of justice, towards honesty in practice. In mission of surviving the tunnels of sacrifice. Garded by Mediterranean Faqir's & Magicians. By advanced Mathematics & Astronomy, the deliverence of π.

195 BCBy ways of communication, the Druides of Wessex create by honor from the formule in π, a monument that calculates the sky. Within time, this reveals The Eclipse. By symmetry between The Sun & The Moon. ( +-55 years ) It is called The Monument Of Stonehenge, which is located in England.

AD 326The Emperor of Constantine recognizes Churches as Holy Ground. In recognition that resurrection will be sacret towards mortals. The cross of life in Roman territory, will be protected as garded by The Holyness of The Church. It was decided, breaking Laws Of Sanctuary is followed by Sanctionary. Examples are: Murder, Mafia, Terrorism & War. These are legal crimes, as to be strictly impolitic, forbidden by Law. Points of recognition & principal by the cross are: 1. Loyalty 2. Mercy 3. Compassion 4. Solidarity.

AD 1021Within functionality of life, understanding it's necessities. By the example of the wild, even a wolf supports siblings by another. In reason, why civilisation should remain appreciative to the composition of the wild. In construction of a social environment, in support for creatures in creation. By progress from the Ainu religion, that shows no trace of darkness or madness. For preservation in emotion or intimacy, the kiss will remain sacret through evolution. "Capitoline Wolf"

AD 1815 Humphry Davy invented the first lamp. This British chemist & inventor who invented the Davy lamp and a very early form of arc lamp. He was born on 17 December 1778, Cornwall UK. Davy was a baronet, President of the Royal Society (PRS), Member of the Royal Irish Academy (MRIA), Fellow of the Geological Society (FGS). A specialist of metal's & electricity. He had established at Bristol a 'Pneumatic Institution' for Chemistry.

AD 1887With gratitude for The Queens named Victoria. For continuation in health of Sanctuary as Fauna & Flora. Which is the place, that begins by M, that has these four recognitions: 1. Small 2. Island 3. Incas 4. No weapons.

AD 1895The first Hydro-Electric Power Plant built by Nikola Tesla & George Westinghouse is functional. This Power Plant started the electrification of South Canada & Northern America. Goat Island is located between the two waterfalls of Niagra. Which sinse this time, creates tons of power, for many homes. This monument was made a gift on behalf of Yugoslavia & Serbia ( Balkans EU ) to the United States in 1976. Electronic times make great progress. A moment for Wine & Cheese.

AD 1935Brussels International Expo opens doors too the public. The monument named Atomium rises above the 5 countries of exposior. 25 Countries have finally participated to an Art Nouveau event of World Class. This area is till present days, used for expositional, cultural or touristic purposses. As it also contains The National Olympic Stadium. Other Belgian talents, are Chocolat, Wafels & Beer.

AD 1948By Colonisation, part's of Africa were invaded by white men. Agressive & unhuman events took place, that have disturbed the peace within the African communities. A phenomenon called Apartheid is spread over the lands by imitators of Sacret litterature. ( copycat's ) Many local's rebbel against it, by cause to protect their land & family. Somewhat later, The United Nations decide to globaly prohibit this cruel activity, which devides the people and has past it's time. ( more below )

AD 1989UFO's are spotted all over the planet. Strange triangular vessels apear, which disapear by the flash of a second. If experiencing these enclosures, you might want to verify time. What might feel like a second, might of been a minute, hour, or even days. Later, it got called The Black Triangle. As these visits seem to be passive, for resources & curiosity. The question could be: will they return after 100, 120, 1000 or 6000 years?

AD 1999People are getting ready for The Millenium Bridge. Panic is upon some, in cause of a conspiracy about explosion of Cumputer ware. Something might go wrong with your computer on New Year's ev' 2000. Many computer owners here for spend out, buying new computers after the 2000 passage to make shore to be up-to-date. The Market is doing just great in economical purposes, Microsoft is making debute with it's latest Windows Operating System. Modern age's are in progress.

Your era is having
Global Warming» & honesty isseus. You can update climate data by selecting following titles: UN Climate News», Jurassic Development», Plastic Pollution» & Arctic Ice». Study Meteorites», in cause of Astrology». Download an idiolect Yin Yang» set. Fulfill honesty test One» & Two». Read about The Bible», Unicef», Access Now», WWF Living Planet», African Wildlife» or The Venus Project». And find out what E²» can do for you.

E = mc²» comes to an end. But TL = mc²» is infinite ( ) in key of recycling energy. Avoid a list, as it comes to an end as E. Use Physics» to overcome miseducation, carbon-14 needs some attention. Fossils cause land mineral exaustion. In rotation as The Orbit» of The Moon». Allong it's pressure towards water Tides». Learn that life is made by nature parts. Let the mind use Gratitude» & Unity». If The Dog» can learn this, so can Humanity». The truth is not a secret, but a necessity. Judge into the mirror, before judging another. In knowledge of the cause, that generated judgement. Specially when you don't know the person. If hate, lies & greed are ingredient of War. In need for Justice, use the hand of The Law. By Laws Of Sanctionary, protect Sanctuary, from Serpentry». End Seperation, with all it's cruelty. There is no excuse for Seperation at birth. As to sacrifice a Soul, by The Sword. Exemples: Excalibur», Katana» & Tiger of Mysore». Preventing for blood to spill, over The Horns». Democracy has no room, for Dark Lord Prophecies. One can make Prayers, but Rituals that sacrifice, were forbidden by Law. Might this be why Judah, Mohamed & Jesus, at certain time, had something in common. ( visit Temples for more information ) Giving reason to Deir el-Medineh», which on it's own, is located in Egypt. In representation, of Pro Life Prophecy. By the help of these lands, as forces from the sky. Life was given a second chance. If chances are poor, for a push of luck have a pitch of Clover Four». If you prefere Indie, use the knowledge of Ganesha». Or when you search for balance, Buddha» can help. Remember the importance of forgiveness, as no on was made perfect. Where Christians live, you willl find The Church. And rules that apply, within the borders. When a light is Red, that means to stop. If it becomes Green, then you can go. 0 & 1 Are receipt of Binary. In logic follows 2 & 3. 4 Becomes a pack or mass, 5 is the final element, no need for Taboo in that:

1. Earth» 2. Wind (air)» 3. Water» 4. Light (fire)» 5. Electricity»

Life is not a competition, but an experience of natural ingredience in unique combination. In solution of over-population, disable 5+ resurrection, as artificial or cloned reproduction. Give a female a choice, if it comes to abortion. Approaching COP Conference» as final scheduled, the year 2025. Replace media ( green ) & publicity ( blue ) washing, by advanced ecological education. Stop the punishment of activism for all ages. With possibility of Manifestation, maintain honesty in expression. A Police Officer is bound to serve everyone, not only it's Clan. ( Gestapo ) Conspiracies come with a plot, only a liar will tell you it's not. And reality is not a TV Show, so prevent using The Crow. People in cities are not an attraction. If nothing is ever good enough, just stop trying. Sports are efficient, but could respect population. If work makes you suffer, don't let it reach a burn. A man in costume, always wants something in return. If anything is wrong, avoid fake pitty. As this will lead to even more misery. Abusing children, is strictly perversity. In terms of Nationalism», Anarchism» is the opposite of Nazism». As Nazi is just another synonym, for Psychopath or Serial Killer. A creative person, searches Education. In desire to improve it's construction. Accusing without knowledge, is a major fail. As a persons Privacy» is not for sale. And a grumpy temper needs some rest, in result for it to sail. This is why it's better, to let people sleep. Within the ways of common logic, that could use some attention. In resolving certain tensions, we all have intuition. If there is enough intelligence, there is no need for violence. For optimal finesse, let nature guide your senses. If nothing ever changes, review those who arrange it. As a Bank is bound to protect the Business of it's client. Do not trust an organisation, that generates Seperation». ( Apartheid» crime against humanity ) It encourages suicide by cleptocratic behaviours, torture, intoxications, slavery, abuse, sabotage & suppression. On high range traffic, has Genocide» as conclusion. ( view Documentary» ) In opposition for Hooliganism, Vandalism & Racism, avoid people that burn crosses, within political circles. A Pharaon ones said, do not seperate the spirit from the hand, for positive progress & service. For times in ending War, the advantage to stay together. Children must have rights, to know their Mother & Father. In favor of the familly, hold on to fidelity. Controling people to long, is bound to make them angry. Every individual desires it's own liberty. Time continues by seconds, as civilised ages passe history.

The past ended German Policies», to make way for Greek Philosophies». ( Demo & Kratia ) A battle for a language, dispurts the possibilities. Stabilise economy without classes of differences. Richess offer forces by nature, but money is not the source that life build. Which makes that killing for economy, within The Law Of Sanctuary, will equalize murder. As a good Soul is not for sale, to cash-in at the line of the Super-Market. And falling in love, simply has no value. So don't use others as an object. Blaming innocence, over false objections, is refusing in option, to solve the problem. Be truthfull to those, who serve you good, don't spread misery through out the world. Devoted in Grace, for the Queens named Elis(z)abeth. For foundation in progression, for honesty in juctice. Or respect in practice, towards The Judges». If their was love & emotion within the act of Justice, everyone would have a home and a partner. If everyone would be devoted to The Law, their would be no Abuse or War. As long money interfers a judgement, Justice cannot be served. Breaking Laws Of Sanctuary within borders of Christianity, is to be unethical as grace for the absurd. If you install fear, as Terror, Syntetic & Virtual Pandemic's or War. You must have something to hide. A reminder that the world is build, for everyone combined. ( Unity ) If you want for others to follow the rules, first follow them yourself. In parallel direction, it doesn't make any sense. Replace the crises of infinity, by honest ways of equality. Avoiding an excuse, which is ment to be sorry. And prevent more hate over money. Starting at Bourgeoisie to the edge of Bohèmie. Ending poverty in connection with slavery. Holding on to the dream, that blows through The Tree». Looking is free, touching requires comprehension. Which brings us to the art of asking a question. This itself is bounded, to respecting a decision. Don't judge the differences, between male & female. Give each the rights & possibility, in Abstain, Vaste, Nuon, Shabbat or Veganity. Find out more in One», Two», Three» & Four». In symbol for rejection of meat. Or respect for what life has given in need. If their is no sin, leave everyone it's Freedom».

The pipe of an engine, still smokes more then cigarette consumption. Give tabac a place, where consumption don't bother. Being aware a natural cigarette, smokes 3 times less then the electric. Tabac industry infects 17% of users, 5% to others. Globally + - 60% experience exposion. Which is the source, that is causing more Cancer»? Benefits of Ginger» are defence for drugs & Chemotherapy». Wouldn't it be wise, to solve this Chemistry? Or sad incouragement, towards more poverty. If Fridays are Sacret, don't cover them with darkness. Arctic Ice is melting rapidly, Iceberg's float into the Sea. And Prophane is released regularly. To gain a clean & safe transition, towards traffic & globalisation. Rules could be applied in acceptence, for cleaner traffic guidence. Not only on solid ground, but complete range of conductance. Don't point a guilt finger towards the community. Many feel positivity, to live in unity. If Porgy & Bess» weren't singers, music would not be as perfect. Or if New York had no Yellow Cab, Jimi Hendix would of made Sidewalk Traffic». A sign of being Only Human». And with a little Alcohol, soon one can see two Moon's. In reason of pure honesty, most burdons of Consumption», come straight out of industry. In key for responsibility, the XXI» century shouldn't have slavery. PC stands for Personal Computer, not for Public Library. Paparazzi» is a destroyer of the family, has no dignity, as respect for privacy. Read more». Replace the negligent mind with Litterature» & Poetry». Positive guidance shows people discipline & comprehensivity. But causing the opposite, brings rebellion activity. ( Genesis 1 ) These are the ways of plus & minus, which is a natural element, by Electricity» within Water» guidances. The Ankh», raised by The Nile», keeping an equalised elementary balance. By respect & grace towards all elements, gain a clean consumption.

A clean Biosphere» helps preventing the Plague's» of Armageddon». As The Eye» protects life of present day. Spread the message of honesty & truth, by help of sane believe within you. Good believe has no control, let it use imagination. In acceptance that all lives have a dream in fulfillment. Avoid making a sequel, everything is original. Modern Culture comes straight out of Tribal. If you don't want children, make use of Condoms. And if life is all that matters, give opportunities to the others. If the Serpent overwhelms you, let it know: everything is fine. It will not start action, if their is no contraction. Another possibility is the use of Cat's», as the Serpent» is aware, they have a dirty scratch. Respect those to be in labor. Give them their richess, as their hands have had suffered, throughout the service. Some mentallities, think only of themselves. A true believer leaves Temples open to everyone. As every person, makes a Prayer, every now & then. One can have Grace For The Path Of Prophecy, as the gift from Christus, is another chance. And as long we believe, The Messiah is in all of us. Each Prophet has their Messengers. By the words of Christ, one would recycle. ( John 6 ) By emotional reflex, tears come often with kindness. If this is working, it doesn't need changes. After the sadness that covers the world, people with feelings, make tears float. One must be conscious, the machine cannot feel nature. Changing the data won't make it feel better. In calculation of Kindness», Sufficiency» & Elegancy». In logic to disable crime, one must use Honesty». Together, work on evaluation, of the term Diplomacy». To state Acropolis, with Abundance» of knowledge. In full responsibility, without the need of armory. The quest on Earth» remains Democracy. Within sane consciounes or sense of reality, The God's aren't Astronaut's, they don't travel by Spacecraft. In legend that makes history, they did send Asteroid's» & Comet's». Which makes that every existence, are children of The Universe». By laws within symmetry, in mission of return, to The Milkyway Galaxy». It takes Earth one year, to travel around The Sun. As day & night passe without exception. When The God's are upset, the waters turn Red. That made the end of a Dinosaur Era. Don't be fooled by the T. Rex», as this is Evolution». While traveling in circles, keep an eye on time, for Peace» to claim the mission. For a safe travel towards your planet, use localisation. The left corner compass, reveals more directions.

+ Oratio pro vita, est victoria sine mors.
− Oratio pro morte, vertere contra te.

Anguis est lubricus, sed non control vitam. Rhythmum vitae invenies in pulsu cordis tui. Jesus est magnus, sicut fulgur alta voltage. Si vox in coemeterio, bene loquitur animarum. Haec vox venit de homine, qui natus est Nazareth. Orate in nomine suo.


 History is absolute, future is build on time. The United Nations» & Wikipedia», are main sources of information. Open to be verified.

The worsth species, are the ones that make conspiracies. As they like to stick others, a bunch of fake stories. It can be confirmed by reading books of Magic. These books will reveal, Elegancy wants nothing in return. A good intention has the power, to do it's magic free, without concern or a bet for a Soul. Which in your time, is forbidden by Sanctuary». Breaking these Laws, causes Juridical Magic. As people who want to talk to you, will look you in the eyes. Uninterested people, would look upto the sky, or to the other side. Which often is a fact, when the conspirers make their lies.

If you'd like friendship to last long, the key is to be honest. If both sides feel the same, these connections last the longest. One must not under-estimate, the power of a compliment . And voices of singers, sound better, by the The Pianist's from Venise. Love makes you forget, everything but your loved one. A good Socialist, knows the story of: Little Red Ridinghood. As many think, she was eaten by The Wolf. Or did she fell, down the hole? As long it's not, in your neighborhood. In security beyond, it is good to close doors 22, 23 & 9150 from outside & use a secure DNS. Read more Here» & Here». If this isn't working, go see administration. As a good education learns you that differences in people, don't make them less better. The best Prayers, would be on top of a Mauntain. ( Isaiah 55 ) In case of need, EHBO» saves lives indeed. When 5 people are nice to you, 3 talk dirty from the back. These educational problems, are to be found in several parts of the world. To consult mathematical literature of your DNA, please read the book, that is named The Bible». Thinking that Human kind is alone in the Universe, is simply ludicrous. And last but not least, the worst name in the world, is Adolf Pinnemuts.

Before good judgements go to waste, that punishes more innocense & faith. Came a code without monsoon, for raw believe in function. If Adam had refused the fruit, the bound with Eve had remained forever. Without sadness or greef, by result of Seperation». Which in it's time, had a certain purpose. The voices of Joanna & Maria bringing hope. To succeed the decisions for COP29 2024. Or simply understand the value of a promise. Respecting that Rainbow Washing, does not solve a problem. Create a system to hold onto Grace, obtained by result of sane Faith upon us. Avoiding those that make it useless. Turn off the TV, visit a friend. Create something with a creative hand. If stuck in time, count from 0 to 9, 59 times. The last must be the 10. Literature can extend Imagination». Da Vinci wrote of human times, that would end up in Warfare. This key is an attempt, that functions on time. To live our dreams, more peacefully then War. All religions have their moment, true believers make their prayers proper, with no suffering for others.

To not make part of the compression, which is result of a certain formule. Preventing infractions of the Prophecies throughout the path of history. As books from times have made it clear. By believe, War could end over hundreds of years. Extending the path towards Democracy, for all the continents in the world. Only a Psychopath will not understand, that everyone has the same rights. In evolution of romantic literature, where no one has to die to obtain romance. In times where Politics, understand The Law. A vision of life, that could come to light, if everyone had Grace at site. Many reflect them selves being perfect, but at the moment of perfection, you don't see them comming. As most people are believers, but only few make their Prayers. With respect for the hands, that wrote former Poetry. For the sky to belong to the Gold Wing Butterfly, not the formule of The Bomb».

Words by Matt Haig: (Humains 2017)
Humanity is an arogant rase, caracterised by violence & Cupidity. Humans have colonised the planet through times. Leaving distruction, in progress for technology. They have created a certrain division, that continuously fails to follow community. As time tic's to fast for many, so Psychology can't follow Technology. Without attention, this has no intention to stop by name of economy. Which is growing a Political plot, against the weaker. After many fake intentions to do good, War & Poverty contains through out times. Here to focus on one self, in calculation for a smile to remain truthfull. And everyone could live, in a neutral time. Read original»

As far this goes, it is not a crime to be against War.

Be original, not a copy. Respect if it comes back to you. In opposition of Politics, everything is free here. Plagiat rules only the copiers. By law in future from the 3d planet from The Sun. Enslaved by Vivaldi goverment for being against War, sins 2019. In search for Master's In Law, who aren't for sale. To gain a normal home & life, ones again. While at the time, bringing words for truth. And truth is what I swear to speak. Disappearances of money, is made by the Flemish. Paging & contents @ WaxxK.